Drought Proof Your Garden

November 10, 2015 Phil Maunder

Ahhh, the Australian Summer ...
Blistering 40 degree days, where you could fry an egg on your driveway, boil water without a kettle, and be dripping wet without stepping foot near water, and that's just in the shade!

Although not every Summer's day is this extreme, and not everywhere in Australia is like this in the Summer (southern Tasmania, anyone?), no matter where you live across our magnificent continent you are, at least occasionally, bound to come across temperatures well above 30 degrees with hot, dry winds.
The Bureau of Meteorology defines drought as what happens when rainfall is in its lowest 10% over a three-month period. But you plant couldn't care less.

We define drought as any period of time over which heat and lack of water stresses your garden beyond its capacity to adapt and recover.

However it comes, and however you reasonably define it, drought is drought and it can be unrelenting in its drying effect!

As humans living in the age of modern technology and air conditioners, when the temperatures soar we're able to wallow comfortably indoors in 21-degree bliss. We can even bring the pets inside keeping them out of the sun and giving them plenty of water. That's all well and good for us, but do we spare a thought for our gardens?
Our plants and gardens don't have the option of uprooting themselves, taking a walk inside and lying down like literal couch potatoes under a stream of air-conditioned air.
No matter what the conditions your plants are outside 24/7.
Now they have, over time, come up with some impressive strategies for dealing with temperature and water-supply extremes, but that doesn't mean that there's nothing that we can do to give them some support.

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