FOX Mowing - Now 105 Franchise Owners Strong!

June 01, 2018 Phil Maunder

Be Part of An Australian Success Story!Now 105 Franchise Owners Strong!By joining Fox Mowing & Gardening you get to take advantage of the 25+ years of experience we have in the industry.Over the years we have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly in the franchised mowing and gardening business in Australia, so when we set up Fox Mowing & Gardening in late 2012 our plan was to package all the good things we have experienced and forget about the rest. Quite simply this means:Larger territories, Fairer Fees, Bigger Opportunities, More Personalised Service, and a real Turnover Guarantee. What...

Choosing The Right Grass For your Back Yard

January 09, 2017 Phil Maunder

Check out our excellent blog article about selecting the right grass fro your back yard.

The Top Ten Things To Do In Your Garden This November

November 02, 2016 Phil Maunder

Check out our excellent article on the top ten things to do in your garden this November.

5 Simple Tips To Get Your Home Ready To Sell

September 20, 2016 Phil Maunder

PaintingYou should paint bathroom ceilings if they need it, paint kitchen cupboards if the colours are dated. Consider changing the handles as well – a very inexpensive way to modernise your kitchen and most cupboard handles are a standard size so they are very easy to change (all you need is a screwdriver).Consider painting hallways and rooms if the existing colours are very dark. Use light, neutral colours at all times.Paint your front doorway (and front door if required) to improve a buyer’s first impressionGardeningYou want your garden to appear as low maintenance as possible. If you present a section...

5 Steps To A Lawn Your Neighbours Will Envy.

September 12, 2016 Phil Maunder

Having that lush, healthy, green lawn that all the neighbours will envy isn’t difficult. In fact, it can usually be achieved in five simple steps: 1.Mowing:Regular mowing of your lawn is important because it thickens the grass. Taking off a little and often, is better than all in one go. Switch directions and patterns each time you mow, so that the grass stalks aren’t pushed in the same direction every time. Never remove more than one-third of the grass leaf. 2.FertilisingMowing the lawn removes nutrients from the grass and they need to be replaced in order to achieve maximum growth....