5 Easy Spring Lawn Care Tips

September 12, 2016 Phil Maunder

September is the time clean up after the cold months of winter. If you want to plant a new lawn, now is the time to get planning, plus it’s time to give your lawn a fertilise before the heat of summer. Here’s our list of top 5 tasks to complete in Spring:

1. Clean up any wintergrass or weeds that have appeared in Winter. Give the yard a good, general tidy up.

2. Now is the time to start planning a new lawn. Check out some great tips for planning your lawn here.

3. With soil temps going up you’ll get faster-growing conditions… so it’s time to Fertilise. When you fertilise in Spring time you’ll get a great result, with a stronger and healthier lawn.

4. Winter can produce bare areas in your lawn. Overseeding in Springtime will mean a denser and healthier lawn, plus it’s easy to do.

5. When you’re mowing the lawn, lower your mowing height a little as the lawn starts to grow, post winter.

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